Hi. I'm Jimin Kim.

I am a data scientist with Ph.D. in mathematics. My special interest lies in people analytics . Check out my LinkedIn profile or Github.

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I love telling a story through data.

Data Management

Data collection, cleaning, integration, transformation, and storage with Python, SQL, or R.

Data Visualization

Interactive dashboards, and visually compelling presentation using tools like Tableau, or Python.

People Analytics

Statistical analysis, machine learning techniques, social science research methods for HR or customer success.

Here’s my sample projects.

Links to project summary, Github repository, or Tableau dashboards.

Email Bounce Back Analysis

Data quality review by flagging email address at risk and prioritizing subgroups of contacts.
#data-visualization #root-cause-analysis

Cuisine Predictor

Different models identify cuisine origin using only the ingredients. #NLP #deep-learning

Viral Reddit Posts

Predictive models to classify popular posts in the financial subreddit /r/wallstreetbets. #scikit-learn

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